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I’ve done some tricky sewing over the years, but sewing this bag together nearly scrambled my brain. If you can imagine taking this …

The origami bag and some tricky sewing

folding it, and then twisting and sewing the side seams so that it turns into this …

The origami bag and some tricky sewing

Even with instructions it was a challenge! And no, I didn’t take the photo at an angle, the bag is actually shallower on one side so it leans. The shape reminds me of something out of Harry Potter’s world. If you put your hand in, you may be surprised by what you lift out. Sort of like my bag at the moment anyway.

However I do like the way it turned out; it has a rather interesting shape. And of course I love the fabric that I made for the lining.

The origami bag and some tricky sewing

It’s a good medium size bag and I wouldn’t mind making a larger one. Maybe later though. When my brain unscrambles a bit.

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