The Bella Clutch – One Last Sample

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This week I’ve finally finished my new pattern – The Bella Clutch. The downloadable version will be available next Monday, and the print version will be available in a week or two. Woo hoo!

If you’ve never designed before, then the process can be quite grueling with all the instruction edits and rewrites and redesigned samples that need to be made, and making sure that everything fits together and the sizes are correct.

But once everything has finally arrived at the completion stage and all the instructions and the diagrams and photos actually make sense, and fingers crossed no unnoticed typos are lurking anywhere in the instructions, then it’s a great feeling of satisfaction.

Tomorrow and Friday I’ll decide on the cover photo which is always a big decision, and in this case is probably going to be a little challenging because I’ve got so many beautiful samples to choose from which you can see here and here.

And today I have a final sample to share because after having received quite a few requests, I’ve decided to also include in the pattern a simple method for adding a gusset which gives the clutch a little more room for “stuff”. So here’s the final sample with the modified gusset which looks very funky dressed up in batik fabrics.

Peltex Purse Pattern

Peltex Purse Pattern

A two inch gusset gives it plenty of room.

Peltex Purse Pattern

I know many of you have been looking forward to seeing this pattern released, so check back Monday for the all the details!

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