Embellishing with Fabric Yo-Yos

Fabric yo-yos are one of the most under-rated embellishments there is. They are really quite simple to make, but then they can be dressed up in all sorts of fabulous ways to create embellishments for all your sewing projects. I remember when I was young that my grandmother used to have a beautiful bedspread made …

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How to make bead dangles

Beading is one of my favorite methods of embellishing my art quilts and other sewing projects, and I like to use lots of bead dangles which are made using several strands of beads which are strung onto lengths of thread and allowed to hang and well … dangle. I just love the way that the …

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Got leftover quilt blocks?

The things you uncover when you look in dark places you haven’t visited in years! In this case it was a bunch of quilt blocks leftover from my art quilt “Soliloquy”. “Soliloquy” was the first art quilt I did where I fell in love with curved piecing. It’s also very heavily embellished. It took me …

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