Art Quilts

Creative Quilt Backs

A quick share today because someone asked about my quilt backs. I love making the back of my quilts as interesting as the front and this is one of my favorite quilts. The crane was made by outlining the bird, then coloring the inside with a white crayon. It almost looks like real feathers!

Got leftover quilt blocks?

The things you uncover when you look in dark places you haven’t visited in years! In this case it was a bunch of quilt blocks leftover from my art quilt “Soliloquy”. “Soliloquy” was the first art quilt I did where I fell in love with curved piecing. It’s also very heavily embellished. It took me …

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From Photo Art to Art Quilt

Today I’m working on a small art quilt using one of my photo art prints. I haven’t made many art quilts in recent years as I’ve been working mostly with mixed media, but this year I hope to make more. And it’s nice to know I haven’t quite lost my touch as this art quilt …

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