Soul Whispers and Photo Quilts

I’ve had this little project on my desk for the longest time and finally managed to finish it off this week. This is a little Soul Whisper pendant that I made for myself using a photo of my grandson Jake who is definitely a cutie. Using photos of loved ones is a great idea for making Soul Whispers pendants and they would also be ideal to give as personal gifts which is a great idea with Christmas on the horizon.

Soul Whispers: Fabric Pendant Project & Tutorial

Memory quilts and photo quilts are also great gift ideas for loved ones and this photo quilt is a special gift for … someone. (If I don’t say the name they’ll never guess, right?)

This is a duplicate of a photo quilt I made previously using my Photolicious Quilt Pattern, and as you can tell I love this particular photo of Jake. I swapped out the fabric embellishments that are included in the pattern, and replaced them with some appliqued lettering and two little heart shapes. So cute!


It’s a good time to start thinking about hand-made gifts for Christmas, and I think if I was a little more organized I probably would have started a while back already.

You can find the Soul Whispers Pendant tutorial available for download here in my online store. You can also find the Photolicious Quilt Pattern here.

Happy sewing!