Sewing with a curved needle

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This week I’ve been trying to get back into work mode after taking a break over the holidays but I just can’t seem to do it! Having some down time was far too good and I want more!

It wasn’t that I did absolutely nothing over the last couple of weeks, but it was mostly fun stuff and not work stuff and I’m very fortunate that my fun stuff and my work stuff often are often the same thing or at the very least overlap. Maybe I need to pretend that I’m having fun all the time; just make a slight mind shift.

I did try a couple of new things though and one of the new things I tried was sewing with a curved needle. If you’ve never used a curved needle before, I can tell you that it takes a bit of getting used to because it feels quite strange between your fingers because of the bend.

The reason for using a curved needle was to find a better and easier way to insert the gussets into my round-bottomed clutch bags as it was getting awkward to work with a straight needle. You can see in this photo that the curve on the gusset is quite deep.

Using a Curved Needle

Once I started, I could easily see how using a curved needle could make it very easy to inset the curved gusset without having to bend it.

Using a Curved Needle

It didn’t take long to get used to the needle, and things went together quite quickly.

Using a Curved Needle

I was really happy with the way it finished and I think I can a lot of applications where I can use a curved needle.

Art Bag

Art Bag

11 thoughts on “Sewing with a curved needle”

    1. I agree Donna – it’s not something you use every day but the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

  1. Its such a simple solution when you think about it! I am trying to embroider some flowers onto a stiff background, and keep wondering if one of these would be easier to work with, as I have a few in different sizes. This inspires me to try! Thank you for sharing the “light-bulb” moment!

  2. Loved the tute on using a curved needle. Now perhaps I can repair the steering wheel cover (it is lether) on my hubby’s 4-wheel drive truck!!!

  3. where do I get a curved needle???? I had one many many years ago it gone now & am trying to patch up an old overstuffed chair that our cats have torn really need it now?? can you helop??? thanks Polly Thurow

    1. I’ve had mine for many years so I can’t remember exactly where I got them from. I think it was Joanns. You might also find them in your local quilt or sewing store.

  4. You can find them at any auto upholstery supply store. JoAnn’s has them but only in a couple of sizes.

  5. I’ve often used s curved needle -a throw back to my surgery days 🙂 I LOVE the look of this bag, Linda! A pattern coming?

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