Resources: Surface Design


The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!

Note: These links will refer you to various online suppliers where you can find additional information and purchase the product, and some of these are affiliate links where I earn a small percentage of the referral fee. You can find more about affiliate links here.

Angelina Fibers

Angelina Fiber is one of my favorite surface design products for adding some sparkle to your projects.

Angelina Fiber

Metallic Foil Sheets

Foil transfer sheets are also brilliant for adding some shine and sparkle to your projects

Foil Transfer Sheets

Krylon Leafing Pens

Krylon leafing pens are my favorite metallic marking pen. I use them to mark fabric and paint metal buttons and charms

Krylon Leafing Pens

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