Resources: Stabilizers & Webbing


The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!

Note: These links will refer you to various online suppliers where you can find additional information and purchase the product, and some of these are affiliate links where I earn a small percentage of the referral fee. You can find more about affiliate links here.

Pellon #70 Peltex Sew-In Stabilizer

This is my favorite stabilizer for creating three dimensional art and for making bags and purses. This type is Peltex 70 which is a sew-in type. You can find more about Peltex here. Or browse my blog and see the many ways I use Peltex.

Peltex Stabilizer

Pellon #72 Peltex Fusible Stabilizer

This type is double sided fusible.

Peltex Stabilizer

Fabric-type Water Soluble Stabilizer

This is my preferred type of water soluble stabilizer. It looks like fabric and is used for free standing lace and similar sewing applications.

Water Soluble Stabilizer

Sulky 20″ by 5yd Tear-away Stabilizer

This is standard tearaway stabilizer. I use it to stabilize my sewing for lots of different applications, but particularly when sewing decorative machine stitches because it helps to support the stitching and they turn out beautiful every time.

Water Soluble Stabilizer

Sulky Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer

This is a clear type of water soluble stabilizer that looks like plastic. I use this for times when I need to trace a design onto the stabilizer before sewing machine lace. I just place the stabilizer over a copy of the design, trace it, then sew it.

Water Soluble Stabilizer

Sulky Ultra Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer

Similar to standard Solvy, but triple the thickness for applications where you need a lot of support for your stitching.

Water Soluble Stabilizer

Pellon Wonder Under Fusible Web

I like using wonder under because it’s very thin and doesn’t stiffen your fabric too much and it really sticks things together when you need it to.

Wonder Under

Warm & Natural Cotton Batting

Warm and Natural cotton batting is my favorite. It’s easy to work with, is very soft and has a nice drape, and it’s easy to sew on both by machine and hand.

Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

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