Quick and Easy Surface Design Techniques

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Do you get a little nervous when you think about adding surface design techniques to your projects?

Just in case you mess it up.

Because then you know you’ll just ruin your project and have to toss it in the trash.

It can be kind of intimidating to take the first step, particularly when using products that are unfamiliar or untested.

Always test first

I always recommend to my students when tackling any new technique – always test on small samples first. This give you the opportunity to play with the product or technique on a piece of scrap fabric and then if it doesn’t work out you don’t feel guilty about throwing it away and starting all over.

I kick myself every time I look at this

My most infamous surface design failure is this quilt. I was so excited to get started doing some surface design techniques after I’d spent weeks designing and quilting, that I forgot to add one very important element of design. Can you spot it? That’s right … the bird has no legs …. waaaahhhhh!!!

Surface Design

So although more of a design issue, once I’d began adding some paint to my quilted feathers there was no way I could go back and add the legs; it was just never going to work successfully. I never did finish this quilt but I keep it as a reminder to myself to pay attention to the detail (sigh).

Surface Design

However the painted surface was fun and easy to do. Painting on top of your quilting can really turn your designs into something spectacular.

Surface Design

Surface Design