Designing bags and purses using Peltex

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I get asked quite often if I have patterns available for my bags and purses and sadly I’ve never had time to write any – until now that is! (This year I’m making a conscientious effort to finish writing all the patterns and tutorials I started but never finished) And because I use Peltex as a base structure for most of my bag and purse designs, these new purse patterns will also be Peltex-friendly.

Peltex is a thick heavyweight stabilizer, (you can read more about it here) and I like to use it as a stabilizer for my purses because it holds the shape firmly, but it’s also easy to sew. You can mush it and crush it, sit on it and stomp on it, and it quickly bounces back into shape with just a steam iron.

I currently have three new peltex purse patterns in the works. I couldn’t choose just one great design that would make it easy for everyone to complete, so you’ll have a choice depending on your sewing skill level – beginner, intermediate and advanced. And if you’ve never used Peltex before, the beginner pattern – The Bella Clutch – which is the first pattern to be released, will be the perfect introduction to using Peltex for purse-making construction.

So let’s have a sneak peak at The Bella Clutch pattern which will be available very soon.

I like to use simple designs when making my bags and purses mainly because I like to embellish or decorate them and I like my embellishments, and sometimes my fabric choices, to take center stage.

This pattern is a beginner pattern so it’s very simple in construction and it’s very easy to make so this design will be a great introduction to working with Peltex. But just because this purse is a simple design, doesn’t mean it can’t also be a show-stopper.

The basic pattern is 10″ wide by 6″ high, and it’s a simple envelope clutch. I love clutches, particularly envelope clutches. They’re just big enough to hold the necessities and they can be quietly discreet, or make a bold or wild statement depending on the type of fabric and/or embellishments you use.

This is a little black and white number with a cute rosette in the corner – perfect for casual event. The pattern includes instructions for making the rosette.

Peltex Purse Pattern

Peltex Purse Pattern

Then there’s an option to add a pleated corner insert. And by changing the type of fabric, you get a very different clutch. This one features coordinating fashion fabrics.

Peltex Purse Pattern

Peltex Purse Pattern

With a snap closure

Peltex Purse Pattern

And finally, there’s an alternative flap design. This flap design also comes with an optional pleated corner insert (sample coming soon!) And this fabric definitely elevates the design once again. The wrinkled fabric and the contrasting colors gives it a very different flavor. (This is my new favorite.)

Peltex Purse Pattern

Peltex Purse Pattern

I’ll be sharing more information during the next few weeks about my new patterns including some tips and tricks for DIY bags and purses, so stay tuned and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Designing bags and purses using Peltex”

  1. These bags are gorgeous Linda. I especially like the gold one at the bottom. Will you be releasing a pattern with a gusset or side pieces to have a bit more room inside the bag?

    1. Linda Matthews

      I’m glad you like them Teresa 🙂 Yes the intermediate pattern is for a style that has more room and also a shoulder strap – suitable for someone with a little more skill. Then the advanced pattern will be totally different but I’ll keep that a surprise for now 😉

  2. Hi Linds. I love the new Peltex purses. I can’t wait for your patterns to come out. Purses are what attracted me to you and your website/store to begin with and these are just beautiful! Is the yellow one made from fabric-paper? I also like what you have done with fabric paper. I am really excited about your being able to complete the patterns at last. I belonged to your Explorer’s Club last year and I am so thrilled you are still going strong with new ideas. I want all the levels of the patterns!

  3. finely after two days of searching, I find some one who doesn’t make me sound like I have two heads. I
    SEARCHED & SEARCHED. no one seemed to be able to tell me even HOW, to start to make peltex bowls. am I that far behind in sewing? I purchased some peltex at a quilt shop. but no one seems to be able to tell me

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