Koi Pond Art Quilt Pattern and TutorialI recently began using my iPad to edit the view layout on my patterns and tutorials. I found it easier to do it this way because the iPad gives you a nice clean page view at just the right size so it was easy to see whether I needed to make any adjustments to the layout for readability.

But surprise! – I also found that it was super easy to read the documents on the iPad.

I usually like my tutorial books in real paper book format so I can flip backward and forward as I need to, but I found that you can also do this so easily when viewing it on the iPad, PLUS you can quickly zoom in super close and get real good closeups of the images – that’s nice!

Koi Pond Art Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

I used it to test out the Koi Pond pattern which is available either as a pattern booklet or as an instant pdf download. You can find more info and pics here in the store.

SO … if you have already purchased the pdf download and you have an iPad or similar size tablet – load it up and c.h.e.c.k. i.t. o.u.t.!

PS My current favorite method of getting pdfs onto my ipad is via Dropbox which allows you quick and convenient access to documents across all your computers, laptops and mobile devices. It’s free and super easy! Once your pdf is in Dropbox, you can open it using Adobe Reader or any other pdf reader, Kindle app for ipad, or iBook.

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