I think it’s a lovely idea to have photos of your family and loved ones displayed in a special way, particularly when you live far away and don’t often get the chance to visit with them, and I’ve found that memory and keepsake quilts are one of the most unique ways to do this.

I’ve made quite a few of these types of quilts over the years, and as I mentioned the other day, I planned to use my new Photolicious pattern to make a new keepsake quilt. And here it is! This is my adorable grandson Jake, who I’ll finally get the chance to visit with later in the year if things go according to plan.

Photolicious Art Quilt Pattern

I used the Photolicious pattern but instead of the fabric embellishments included in the pattern, I printed out his name using Microsoft Word and used the letters as templates to make fabric letters, and then fused and stitched them to the background of the quilt.

Photolicious Art Quilt Pattern

Isn’t he cute?

Photolicious Art Quilt Pattern

I’m kind of hooked on this pattern and I might make a few more of these quilts. The design is quick and easy to put together and these quilts are a wonderful gift idea, especially for keepsake quilts.

If you want to make your own Photolicious Quilt you can find the pattern here.

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