This is the piece of embroidered and textured lutradur that I made last week.

Lutradur Bag

It turned out kind of ordinary and I wasn’t totally loving it. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it so I threw it on a pile of fabric pieces that were stacked on the corner of my cutting table and it landed on a piece of stabilizer that I had cut and was preparing to use for an art bag. It was just the right size, so …

Lutradur Bag

now I’m really loving it!

Lutradur Bag

So how do you turn ordinary into extraordinary?

It’s all about changing the way you look at things – changing your perception of how you believe things should be and opening yourself to the possibilities of how things could be.

Lutradur Bag

When I made it, the textured lutradur was kind of interesting but it wasn’t really an outstanding piece and although I thought only briefly about it, I wasn’t sure how I could use it.

Although I make a lot of bags and purses, using lutradur as a fabric isn’t something I would normally consider. But when I tossed the lutradur onto the pile of fabric and it synchronistically landed on a piece of cut stabilizer, it gave me the opportunity to think about using it in an unusual way. Which I think worked very well!

When you’re open to new ways of doing things, expect wonderful results!

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