How Does a Craftsy Class Work?

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Craftsy Class OverviewA Craftsy class is a fun and easy learning experience.

Craftsy offer classes from some of the best teachers in their field and you have a great selection of classes to choose from. And not just quilting or sewing classes, they also have photography, cake making, knitting and much more. You can see the complete list of classes here.

Craftsy offer lifetime access to your classes which means you can watch your class whenever and wherever you like. However many times you like. And if you have an Apple device, you can also download and watch your classes at your convenience.

Once you’ve selected a class and paid for it, you will have immediate access to log into your homeroom where you’ll find all your class information.

The Homeroom

The main page has a convenient layout with a menu along the top where you can easily access your class information.

Craftsy Class Overview


The classes are broken up into video segments which contain lessons and topics, and are available from a drop down menu positioned at the top of the page.

Craftsy Class Overview

When you watch the video from the beginning, the video plays in one long stream from start to end. You can start and stop video, or speed it up and slow it down, at any time. And if you need to go back and review something, you can quickly and easily locate the segment that you need from the drop-down menu.

The videos are prepared very professionally and include close-ups so you don’t miss out on anything important.


The class materials are in pdf format which means you can download them and read them using a pdf reader. Alternatively you can view them online. The materials include supply lists, patterns, basic instructions for the project, and any other information relevant to the class.

Craftsy Class Overview

The pages are all nicely formatted and easy to read.

Craftsy Class Overview


You can keep notes and bookmarks. To add a note or bookmark, simply type into the Notes Section at the bottom of the page and then click the “Add Notes” button.

Craftsy Class Overview

When you make a note, it is automatically tagged to that minute and second in that section of the class. So when you go back to those notes, you can also go back to those exact spots of the instruction!

Craftsy Class Overview


if you’re stuck or have problems with something, there is a discussion forum available. If you are enrolled in a paid class, you can ask the teacher questions about the class and they normally respond within 24 hours. Other students can also participate in the discussion and help you if they can. If you are enrolled in a free class, the discussion is held between students only.

Craftsy Class Overview


When you’ve completed your class project, you can upload photos and share your project with other classmates.

Craftsy Class Overview

My Thoughts

I’ve taken several Craftsy classes and really enjoyed them. I like the way that the classroom is laid out; it’s very intuitive and it’s quick and easy to access any of the information I need. I like the quality of the information that’s presented and the teachers do a great job of explaining things. I also like that I can go back and review information whenever I like.

I’ve taken some free classes which are a great way to get familiar with the Craftsy format. I found the information presented in the free classes was well worth the time spent.

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  1. I love the craftsy classes. I have paid for two of them and they were well worth the money. I am a beginner sewer, but learning fast due to online learning. The craftsy blog is also a great resource. I belong to pattern review . com and read reviews there of classes offered by craftsy. I have a list of the ones I plan to take in the future.

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