Got leftover quilt blocks?

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The things you uncover when you look in dark places you haven’t visited in years!

In this case it was a bunch of quilt blocks leftover from my art quilt “Soliloquy”.

Art Quilt Soliloquy

“Soliloquy” was the first art quilt I did where I fell in love with curved piecing. It’s also very heavily embellished. It took me 9 months to finish the beading alone. But the blocks were the perfect size to make a 3-ring binder cover which I needed.

I’m not very good at making straight and perfectly square quilt blocks. I can do it, it’s just not my favorite thing. But I make excellent curved ones.

Fabric Ring Binder Cover

Fabric Ring Binder Cover

Ooops, I didn’t make the fold-overs the same size! I’m practicing “imperfection” these days.

Fabric Ring Binder Cover

I love using prairie points and this is a fun way to display a focus image.

Fabric Ring Binder Cover

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