Cuteness alert

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I haven’t been able to get much sewing done lately (you know I suffer withdrawals if I can’t get to sew on a regular basis). But I did find a little time to make a couple of small zippered pouches which turned out quite well I think. And the best thing is they only took about an hour. I love small projects!

I used a photo of my new grandson Jake, added some photoshop touch ups, then printed it on fabric to make these two different styles.

Printing on Fabric

I kinda like this one.

Printing on Fabric

But I think I like this one the best.

Printing on Fabric

I’m going to use these for organizing stuff in my handbag; they’re just the right size at about 4.1/2″ x 7″. I always worry about using white fabric in or around my handbag (unspeakable things lurk in there) but these are fully washable so I think they’ll be fine. Plus I think I’ll make another couple for family gifts – the perfect weekend project!

Printing on Fabric

I hope you find a little time this weekend for some quick projects.

2 thoughts on “Cuteness alert”

  1. Good morning Linda,

    What a wonderful way to carry an image of your darling grandson. You can show him off without pulling out a brag book filled with photos.

    Ironically I just completed a small zippered and lined clutch for my daughter, but in my usual fashion designed it too complicated. I just can’t do simply, it’s not in my DNA.

    First of, I’ve never put a zipper in a purse, so that in of itself was a challenge. After watching a few YouTube “How to videos” I finally got the jist of it.

    Next, I wanted it to have a few inner pockets for credit cards and a divider for her cell phone. Then, of course an small outer pocket and a decorative flap. What the heck was I thinking??????

    After hours of planning and finally sewing when I flipped it right side out, I had attached the wrist strap with the wrong orientation. How dreadfully discouraging, but I did fix it. I wish I had done something clever like your purse, simple, but creative and meaningful. I wish I had received your post before I embarked on my purse journey.

    The up side is that the purse really is lovely and I no longer have a fear of zippered purses.

    Also, by the end of this project I came to realize that people who make these darling purses DO NOT charge enough for all their design time and labor.

    As always, I LOVE reading about your journey through the creative quagmire,


    1. Thanks for sharing JoJo. You’re right about designing – it is always a trial and error experience. It’s nothing for me to do five or six samples before I get a new design to work properly and when I’m designing my art bags, that it one very long process indeed.

      Sometimes simple is just the right thing.

      By the way, there are some great tutorials that demonstrate how to sew in a zipper over on my new website

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