Creative sewing in shades of purple: machine quilting and emroidery

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This week I decided to have a play with some of my hand-dyed fabrics in shades of purple.

Sew Creative

I chose a piece of purple fabric that was a little dull in color like antiqued or aged fabric and I’ve quilted it all over so that there is a lovely texture.

Free Motion Quilting

Around the edges of the quilted fabric I’ve added “soft edges”. This technique is done using strips water soluble stabilizer and sewing machine needlelace around the edges. I plan to layer this piece onto a background.

Free Motion Embroidery

Free Motion Embroidery

I’ve used this technique several times before on my art quilts and it creates a nice “soft edged” effect which looks wonderful when making layered quilts.

Free Motion Embroidery

Now I’m ready to start adding some design elements using the contents of the box. I already have a design in mind so check back later for progress.

Hand Dyed Fabric and Fibers

2 thoughts on “Creative sewing in shades of purple: machine quilting and emroidery”

  1. Hi Linda. Did your course a few years ago but keep looking at your great work. Love the idea of dissolvables to sew a lacy edge. Will give it a try.

    1. Hi Cindy, I remember you took some of my classes 🙂 Thinking of doing some new classes next year. In the meantime have fun with the water soluble stabilizer 🙂

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