Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own Handbag Part 2

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This month I’m taking – and reviewing – the Craftsy Online Class Design Your Own Handbag. You can see Part 1 of the review here.

In this class there’s a total of 10 Lessons broken into sub-topics for a total of just over 4 hours of video tutorial. I’ve spent this past week watching about half of the videos in the online class which includes

1. Introduction
Which provides an overview of the class and what to expect.

2. Planning Your Design
This segment goes into detail about how to plan your design and discusses fabric choice, color, stabilizers and interfacing, as well as scale and dimensions.

3. Reinforcing Your Fabric
The interfacing and the interlining that is used to support your bag are very important as they will help to structure the shape. This lesson discusses the difference between the various types of interfacing: woven and non-woven, fusible and non-fusible, lightweight and heavyweight. It also discusses interlinings and how they also can help to structure the shape of your bag.

4. Constructing the Basic Exterior
Regardless of the shape, most bags are constructed in a similar way and this lesson demonstrates how to sew the outside of a bag using a very basic shape. The lesson includes lining up the pieces, sewing the side seams and the bottom and corners, shaping the bag, and also adding feet which helps to protect the bottom of the bag.

5. Constructing the Basic Lining
The lining is normally the same shape as the outside of the bag so is sewn together in a similar way. This lesson shows how to sew a lining with a top facing, insert it into the bag and then topstich it.

Designing My Bag

I’ve gotten half way through the lessons which I thought were well explained and demonstrated. There were lots of tips and information provided, especially about fabric and interfacing which are so important when making your own bags and purses.

Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own HandbagAs I mentioned in Part 1 of this review, the class includes patterns for four basic styles which you can then use as a starting point to design your own bag. I’ve chosen to go with a tote style bag, similar to the one included with the class. However I’ve made some changes.

Instead of being long and deep like the sample, mine will be shorter but wider, with a zipper along the top, and one shoulder strap attached to the sides of the bag instead of two straps attached to the front and back. I’ve also made the shape slightly angled in toward the top.

I don’t care for the plain, conservative colors that are used in the samples for the class, so I’m designing my own fabric, which I do for many of my bags. I don’t like my bags to blend as they tend to when using plain colors; I prefer them to make a statement!

I’ve been playing around with some of my digital designs and although I haven’t finally decided, I particularly like these designs. They all have a similar color and dark mood so I guess I’m just feeling that way at the moment.

Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own Handbag

So that’s it for this week.

During this coming week I plan to get the pattern drafted, the fabric printed, and the pieces cut out.


Design Your Own Handbag: Online Class