Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own Handbag Part 1

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This month I’ve signed up for the Craftsy class – Design Your Own Handbag by Brett Bara. Although I’ve never had professional training, I love designing my own handbags and find the process quite easy and creative. I think I do a fairly good job.

Art Bag

But I also know that I can learn a few things from a professional teacher.

The class includes patterns for four basic styles which you can then use as a starting point to design your own bag. The styles include the main bag style, tote, hobo, and curved top. I’ve chosen to go with the tote style and I have in mind several changes I want to make.

Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own Handbag

I’ve Been Challenged

I’ve already watched a few of the class videos and – wait! Did she really say to use a medium to heavy-weight fabric and not to use quilter’s cotton to make our handbags? But I *love* using quilter’s cotton to make .. well, everything! It’s so easy to work with and quite honestly, it’s not difficult to turn a light-weight fabric into a medium or even a heavy-weight fabric. Now there’s a challenge I’ll take up!

The Pre-Design Process

When making my own bags, I sometimes like to design my own fabric and print it onto fabric sheets so I can make custom designed bags as you can see in the photo above, and this is what I’m going to do for my class project.

The fabric I have on hand to print on is quilter’s weight cotton, so I’m going to turn it into a medium-weight fabric before I use it and I’ll explain how to do this once I have my fabric printed.

The tote bag design however requires fabric that is larger than what I can print on my printer, but the easiest way to deal with this problem is to print small pieces of fabric and then piece them together.

More to come later …


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